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Description of Value Host Motor Inn: Conveniently located, we offer fifty units featuring spa (large Jacuzzi and sauna), thirty-two channel TV and free HBO, continental breakfast, all queen-size beds, recliners in single rooms, fax, and huge all around parking. Reasonably priced, clean, and friendly service.

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Traveler Reviews of Value Host Motor Inn

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One step up from camping!

I recently stayed at the Marquette Value Host Motor Inn and was very disappointed. I was in Marquette for a week on an emergency trip to the hospital (no time to pack even the basics). Since we were staying a number of nights and were only going to be in the room for rest, we decided to save money. Although the beds were comfortable, the rooms were stripped. There was no shampoo or conditioner in the room. In the shower there was a wall mount hand sanitizer they claimed was a body and hair wash. I couldn't even get my fingers through my hair using it! I asked at the desk for shampoo - they said a typical hotel bottle was $1.50. There was no hair drier in the room and no coffee pot and the channel button on the remote did not work. It was bare bones, no amenities. This place is fine if you know these things ahead of time. I had never had this experience at a hotel. This place is one step up from camping - it has hot water and a bed.

Great place to stay

We travel thru Marquette at least once a year. Stayed at different motels. Then we found the Value Host. It is a good value and very clean. The staff is always friendly. We have been staying here for 10+ years and never disappointed.

Clean Comfortable Reasonably Priced

Spent 3 days here recently while in Marquette for a hockey tournament. I made reservations at the last minute and most places were either sold out or asking 2 to 3 times the $50.00 rate that I was charged.
I was very pleased with the accomodations. The rooms were clean, well maintained and quiet. Basic breakfast was provided along with coffee.
All in all I thought it compared very favorably to the well known chain hotels. Another reviewer had issues with the soap/shampoo dispenser in the shower and the fact that there wasn't a blow dryer in the room. My suggestion would be to bring a blow dryer and tiny bottle of shampoo along with you and pocket the $50.00 that you'll save to spend on something more valuable to you.

Great Place To Stay

I was impressed with how neat and clean it was. People were very friendly and accommodating. Also, the rates were very reasonable. We will stay there again.

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Value Host Motor Inn Contact Information

Value Host Motor Inn

Address of Value Host Motor Inn
S 41 And McClellan # U,
Marquette, Michigan
USA, 49855
Phone of Value Host Motor Inn
(906) 225-5000
Toll-free phone of Value Host Motor Inn
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